About Us » Mission, Vision, and Beliefs

Mission, Vision, and Beliefs

The mission of Pair Education Center is to promote active learning, nurture students to become personally empowered for the work force, and to enhance student self-worth academically and sociably.


Our school educates students to become thinkers who are able to apply learned skills to new situations. Our students will leave Pair Education Center understanding how their choices positively and negatively affect themselves, others, and the community as a whole. The ultimate goal is for our students to transition back to their home school with the tools they need for success.

Pair Principles of Operation

                   1. Everyone will be treated with dignity and respect each day.

                   2. We control the conditions in school that lead to success.

                   3. We seek ways to help all learn; we do not give up.

                   4. Our parents and students are our customers, and we will treat 
                       them with first-class customer service.